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"QUIETUDE" Nuevo single!! | New Single Release!!!

Actualizado: 20 abr 2022

Ya está disponible en todas las plataformas el nuevo single de Javier Márquez llamado "Quietude". Con el inmenso placer de contar con el pianista cubano Gito Maletá.

Las esencias de Oriente Medio de la melodía del Duduk se fusionan con armonías de la música moderna en el piano

Una suave y melancólica interpretación que invita a la meditación y relajación para llegar a un estado de “Quietud” como su nombre indica.


Javier Márquez's new single called "Quietude" is now available on all digital stores. With the pleasure of having the Cuban pianist Gito Maletá.

The essences of the Middle East provided by the melody of the Duduk merge with harmonies of modern music on the piano

A smooth and melancholic performance that invites meditation and relaxation to reach a state of "Quietude" as the name suggests.


By Javier Márquez Written by Chrissie Sheppard

One World Music Radio The latest single to come our way from Javier Márquez is a wonderful piano based composition, with additional instrumentation, that just goes a really long way to making this such a heartfelt arrangement.

The artwork for the release is so well matched to the music, a place that is peaceful and quiet, not even a ripple on the water, it is that calm, just like the music.

I was also excited to see an arrangement of more than just a couple of minutes, which is so common these days for piano pieces, at just over 5 minutes, it is almost long form in the genre, but it is 5 minutes of serenity that I really did need.

Quietude by Javier Márquez is something we all need right now, a place of quiet to go rest within, and I am sure will be loved by lovers of piano music, as well as those who simply love good music: this is an arrangement the artist should be really proud of, and is one that I feel will do really well in the charts too.

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